Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Official NaNoWriMo Story War Rules

It's only 3 more days until Halloween night, and the very next day will be November 1st. That means my NaNoWriMo Story War project will officially begin very soon!

Here are a few rules I've decided to set myself for my month-long project:
  • Starting on Halloween night (and continuing every November night afterwards), my sister Annette and I will shuffle the Story War cards thoroughly and Annette will choose 4 cards for me; 2 characters, 1 object, 1 setting. (Annette is helping me out a lot with this project, for which I am very grateful. Who knows? Maybe she'll be writing short stories alongside me! ^,^) I'll study the cards, post them to the blog so you know what the new story prompt is, and brainstorm about them while I sleep.
  • The next day, probably sometime in the afternoon, I'll set aside about an hour or two in which to write a complete short story that must include the 4 plot elements chosen the previous night. Once I finish writing, editing and making the story as good as it possibly can be, it will be posted to the blog and I'll share it on my FB Wall. Later that night, the cards I've already used will be set aside, 4 new Story War cards will be chosen, and the cycle will begin again!
  • Story-writing might take 2 hours, maybe it'll take longer, but I'm going to set myself a daily deadline of 10:00pm in which to post my story to the blog. If I fail to meet my deadline (I'll do my best not to fail, but just in case), I'll have to endure some sort of minor punishment. As of right now, I'm not sure what that punishment will be... Maybe you can suggest possible punishments for me in the comment section at the bottom of this post. ^,~
  • For the entire month of November, I'm going to avoid YouTube altogether. Watching YouTube videos, especially from channels I've subscribed to, is one of my favorite pastimes as well as biggest distractions. I'm not going to swear off using the Internet, since I plan on using it for writing/research/sharing purposes, but when it comes to YouTube, I'm going cold turkey! 
Some extra details:
My Story War card deck contains 50 characters, 25 objects, and 25 settings. This allows me to write 25 short stories each containing 2 characters, 1 object and 1 setting. Since there are 30 days in November, this'll let me take a few days off! I'll say every Sunday, plus Thanksgiving (Nov. 28), I can take a break from story-writing. ^,^
So I'm writing 25 short stories in a month. Because I'm aiming to write at least 50,000 words by the end of the month, each story should have a minimum length of 2,000 words. 1,667 words will be enough to satisfy my daily NaNoWriMo count, but since I'll be taking a few days off, I'll have to do my best to make the 2,000 word goal every day.

So those are my Story War rules! Thank you for your support and interest in my ambitious little writing project. ^,^ If you want to share your thoughts, let me know you were here, or just want to say hi, you know what to do. Leave a comment down below, or (if you're a Facebook friend and came to this blog via my link to it) leave a comment/like on the Facebook post that brought you here. Whichever you prefer. Also, if you want to get regular updates, you can use your email address in the sidebar to the right to follow me.

Tomorrow I'll post here again and give you, my readers, a few ways you can participate even more in this project! So stay tuned!
Relevant links: 
NaNoWriMo Homepage ~ http://nanowrimo.org
Where you can buy Story War ~ http://www.cantripgames.com/storywar/

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